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Heighten Your Sensuality with Color

If you’d been following the insights and tips on SensualityPlus, you’d already have understood the role of imagination and perception in enhancing sensuality.
Go back to those posts and refresh your mind.

Sensual Influence of Colors
Colors are a stimulus responded to by the sense of sight – the eye – and interpreted by the brain that then triggers certain reactions. Sensual feelings, appreciation, attraction or repulsion, are some of these reactions.

The interpretation of such reactions by the brain is basically derived from stored experience – memory – environmental influence, and personal belief of the individual.
So certain characteristics given to different colors are either cultural – variable, too – or experience-related.

For you lovers to increase your sensuality without going to so much trouble and expense, study to use colors to influence the perception of your mate’s erogenous zones (or the entire anatomy) and clothing, and your mutual romantic environment, like your bedroom.
Colors can also add tonic to your sensual fantasies.

Sexy colors
Black is a sexy color known to only highly imaginative lovers. These uncommon sex geniuses are also high in libido.
It’s just a matter of leaving their upbeat imagination to reel freely in what their eyes see – luscious bodies wrapped in black: appealing, seductive , and all.
Forget the sack cloth now.
You can discover the highly sensual you when you put on black, skin-tight wears like bikinis, tights ,pants ,bras and so on. Black ,loose lingeries are very seductive, too.

Purple is another generally acceptable color that makes spouses, particularly women, ravishing.
Silky purple as bikinis, bras, swimsuits, is provocatively sensual. The sight triggers the lust to touch, caress, or grope, especially if you’re in your bedroom with your lover.

Red color, on red skin, is a killer anywhere. Of course you’d remember the Scarlet Magazine here.
Hot pants , undies , bikinis , bras in red could be lust-provoking. Scanty ,red-colored wears are more appropriate in sunlight especially on beaches, spa resorts, and other places where a little exhibitionism is tolerated.

White material ,lace or see-through ,can equally lift your sensual feelings to a higher level.
White pants , bras , lingeries are great here.

Colorful Fetishism
Fetishism is the erotic act of provoking sexual desire by meditating on sex-related, non-human objects.
A fetish could be a picture, a piece of cloth, anything associated with your spouse or any part of his/her body.

When you combine colors with fetishes, and you let your imagination fly with it, you expect a cataclysmic sensuality for that moment.
Imagine the fit that seizes you when you hang your spouse’ ,sexy-colored pants , bra ,draws in the privacy of your home where your eyes can easily find them. These colored fetishes connect you sensually .They heighten your sexual urge.

And when you’re alone ,do silly things lover do with those fetishes.
Throw her netty white pants around in your sitting room. Serve his meal when you’re in your silky purple bikini ,or your see-through , black lingerie.
Result? A stormy, bed-quaking, sex round.

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Sensuality in Touching

Touching, a stimulus of the skin , has various implications and responses in human beings. It could be sensual or painful.
You’ve experienced it one time or the other. Your body creeps and develops goose pimples on contact with the softness of a well stacked female body or the erogenous zones of your partner.

One of the potent ways of rousing or urging yourself or partner sensually is by touching – the body (skin), the genitals, and other spots. You call this petting.
This actually happens during foreplay, love-making, seducing or some other light sexual activities.

There are many features of a female anatomy that respond sensually in varying degrees to touch – with tongues ,fingers ,lips ,or genitals.
Read the erotic list below.
 Clitoris – lips, tongues , fingers, genitals
 Breasts, especially the nipples – open palms or lips in a circling manner
 Belly – lips and palms
 Thighs, especially the inner sides – lips and palms
 Necks, the back – palms or lips
 Buttocks – your palms or lips or nose

Not so many parts of men are naturally sensitive to touch. But a man can train any part of his body to respond to his partner’s sensual prompting.
Here’s the list for men:
 Chest – palms , face
 Penis, glan – fingers, lips, tongues

It’s obvious that petting – light or heavy – depends on the level of sexual activities intended by the couple. It also depends on the relationship of the couple. Pawing a platonic friend could be embarrassing and actionable.

On a lighter note, touching, though neglected, is a subtly powerful means of sensual stimulation.
It works on the sensitivity of the skin – the receptor – which transmits the touch or pressure impulse to the brain where it’s interpreted and transformed into a response – a sensual response in this case.

Lovers holding hands, for instance, creates intimacy in a strange way. It gives the feeling of belonging and connectedness. You’re naturally open to whoever affords you, lovingly, the privilege to hold his or her hands.
Sensual virtues,energy, pathos, passion, strong lust – all could be triggered and transferred by means of skin contact made between two persons that are soulically bound together, particularly in a loving relationship.
Touching your lover releases tension, heals physical and psychological wounds, build bridges between disconnected partners, softens the callous and makes for stronger bonding.

The quest to explore the therapeutic effect of touching has probably led to the science and arts of massaging.
Massage means knead, mould, hold press. Briefly put, it means manipulate.
Manipulating your body or your partner’s is a sure way of arousing his or her sensual feelings.
It primarily relaxes the muscles of the body, and additionally heightens sensuality.
Experience has showed that your sensual pleasures increase when you’re relaxed.
You can perfect the science of touch so much so that your spouse responds instinctively anytime or anywhere you touch or grope her/him.
Your touch then becomes a turn-on. She knows it’s yours and what you want. She equally feels and wants you there.

The mystical aspect of touching is that mixing emotion of love with your touch can induce orgasm or some near orgasmic feelings.
Ever heard of those love gurus?

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Uninhibited Sensuality- Try It

Sensual inhibition is any feeling that curtails your sensual freedom.
It’s any condition – fear, guilt, doubt, reservation – that represses the aggressive, creative, venturous aspect of sensuality in a male or female.
It’s imposed by self, society, religion, or whatever for the purpose of sanctity, modesty, or self-pity.
Life as well as sex is best enjoyed when you’re able to experience the realities , no matter how transient, of your sensual imagination –your fantasy.
Whatever restricts you from experimenting or attempting – as safely as possible – to embody your sensual fantasy is an inhibition.

Inhibition could be caused by one or all of the following:

 Fear
 Doubt
 Society
 Religion
The list is inexhaustible.

This could be unreasonable fear of the bloody show of a broken hymen, undersized penis, inability to orgasm, of being the first to ask for it ,and other trivia.
The effect of this is dampening of your sex drive, and deliberate disinterest in wildly exciting sexual relations.

Doubt mostly affects men. You doubt your ability to perform – keep her quaking for as long as she wants – or get a rock-hard erection for hours, if it’s ever possible.
You’re impotent before you know it!

Some religions that allow marriage do emphasise continence as perquisite for spirituality.
The religious are forbidden to enjoy or explore sex in a conjugal relationship – or even transmute it for any creative or ingenuous purpose.
For these, sex is purely for breeding. You’re an anathema if you ever enjoy sex or feel sensual. Fellatio, varied sex positions – other than the missionary’s – mutual masturbation, foreplay, and whatever uninhibited sexual acts you can imagine are evil.
You end up a confused bigot here, with your secret fancies unrealized – all your life.

There are still traditions and customs that inhibit sensuality in most cultures of the world. Africa readily comes to mind here. And some Arab cultures, too. There are also vestiges of the anti-sex missionary influences in North America.
Practices like female circumcision, gender inequality ,and other old wives’ tales tell negatively on your sensuality.

Trouble is: all these inhibitions could be ignorantly personalized as individual reservations or reasons for boring sensual life. You should understand you’re a product of your environment or social category.

Transcend your inhibition
The one fundamental right creation gives humanity is freedom – individual liberty. And more interestingly is your sexual freedom in a faithful relationship.

You experience this liberty in your imagination. No limit to the extent you can revel in the potential sensual pleasures your wild, uninhibited imagination holds for you.
Just push the limit. Break the mould. Explore your sensuality or your spouse’s. Get crazy. Be creative. Realise your hunches by just going for anything that catches your fancy.

It only hurts when you’re unfaithful, or harmful to others and your conscience.

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Enhancing Sensual You

Most people believe sensuality is necessarily artificial – facial makeovers,plastic surgery,breast and penis enlargement,liposuction, weight loss and all that Hollywood makes us believe is cool and sexy.

Psychologically,nature has endowed individuals with falculties and instincts that make for high sensuality.Man is so sexually wired that he has no use for any mechanical means to enhance his libido or endear himself sensually to others .
Artifices have their place ,really.But they’re far from being the major factors that determine how sensual or sexual you can be or feel .The ugliest of men and women still find love and romance in their relationships – their warts, spots ,handicaps, and all notwithstanding.

However, ignorance of man’s sensual constitution has led to exploitation by commerce and industry.
America spends millions of dollars on cosmetics and beauty enhancement annually. It looks she’s the most sex-obsessed nation of the world..
That’s ok for America.
Let’s explore the psychology of sensuality now.

Faculties of Sensuality
Man is made up of five major faculties:
All these require volumes of post to explain.
I promise more later on.
Those faculties are the constituents of a sound mind in a human body.For our sensual needs,nature has provided us all of them, the most useful being the first three:

Sensual Emotion
You’ve got ready-built in you seven different emotions.
Relevant to our topic are love and sex emotions.
Love and sex emotions properly transmuted will teach you intuitively to appreciate the carnal pleasure of your body in an erotic way with somebody you choose to love.
This mix radiates heavenly, sensual feelings that enthrall your true mate,and makes you winsome – in your soul – in spite of your shape, looks, or other aspects.
Your feelings now are spiritual.They’re unreasonable – blind.
Your proficient use of this faculty can naturally set you on a higher plane of sensual pleasures.

Sensual Perception
Perception is your peculiar way of viewing the world around you.Emmanuel Kant says:You see(perceive) what you are.
It’s the ability of the mind to interpret stimuli or respond to its environment in its peculiar way.Its personal and choosy.
The perception process starts from the senses – eyes,ears,nose,tongue,skin – as receptors – and goes fast to the brains – the processors – that interpret the stimuli.This happens in a flash.

I can hear myself sound like a geek of a psychologist, can’t you?
Now, here.
The clincher.
Your(brain)response is connected with certain chemicals (in your systems) which stimulate your libido,that vital force of life,according to Sigmud Freud.
Your degree of sexuality largely depends on your smart application of this faculty to interpret what you see(leer at),hear,smell,or feel – your stimulus – in your own erotic way .It could be your spouse – her curves, her arcs, odour , or his, voice ,muscle – or his/her picture, undies(fetish) – or anything like your moves, your bedroom, sheets , etc.
Don’t you see why Africans go dizzy on seeing ladies in swimsuits on the Bahamas beaches?

This is one easy-peasy way to connect sensually to your mate,present or absent,with your kinky perception of his/her body or its representative.
You call these turns-on!
A turn-on is more effective when it’s wrought with imagination – another faculty.
Maybe I’ll take that some other day.It’s a whole lot of sexy stuff!
Briefly now,let’s see the tips on enhancing the sensual you.

Tips on Higher Sensuality
 Learn to love genuinely – not just for sex
 Use auto-suggestion or self hypnosis to assert your sensual you
 Transcend your inhibitions. Be reckless.
 Fantasise.Use your falculty of imagination.
 Stay healthy. Live natural

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Tapping Sensual Energy

Positive Sensuality
Positive sensuality is all about transmuting the boundless energy in sexuality to achieve positive ends.
Science, history, and anthropology have discovered the enormous possibilities in adapting sexual feelings, sexual acts, and even sexual thoughts to solve riddles, make discoveries, heal infirmities, restore peace of mind, spur on to achievement, and what not.
Experiences of Thomas Edison’s, Napoleon Bonaparte’s, Alexander The Great’s, King Solomon’s, Andrew Carnegie’s, Napoleon Hill’s, Herod’s and hundreds of others’ show that sexual energy borne of genuine love and focused sensual gratification can be constructive or destructive.
The good news is that any individual with studied application of certain principles of transferring sexual energy to issues of concern can make ingenuous decisions. That means your knowledge of these things can
change our world; it can open countless doors of opportunities in your careers or your relationship.

Positive Sensuality Releases Energy
Physical sciences haven’t been able to fully explain and explore our recent world in terms of energy.
There are other ethereal or cosmic energies among which is sensual/sexual energy. Newtonian theorists know little of this energy. You can have an insight in Greek mythology, and the works of sexologists like Masters and Johnson.

Phallus, in Greek, is a ramrod-like structure whose head resembles the glan of a man. It could be found in Athens and Egypt. Then they it was a symbol of power – masculine, erectile, regenerative power. It was also worshipped to some extent as a god – of fertility,sex and reproduction.
Biologically, a man expends a lot of energy, sensual energy, to get it up. He’s stimulated by what he sees, feels, or thinks at the moment. The object could be a woman, her picture, a fetish, or whatever. His pulse frequency soars; his thought vibration increases; his systems are upbeat. And as physical sciences explain it, this sudden bump in the atomic vibration of a matter leads to change – of that matter – of energy level.

Release of Orgasmic Energy
As the sensual feeling rises, a man is supposed to use the phallic power thus generated in a legitimate heterosexual intercourse. This may or may not lead to orgasm – the uncontrollable climax of the trend. The experience runs its gamut in five minutes or thereabout. Those five precious minutes and the ensuing moments could mean anything in a well transmuted sexuality.
Transportation, short-lived though, to a higher plane of perception occurs about this time. Inspiration, new insight, new perspective, new calmness, and a receptive state of mind – all are possible at this moment and the subsequent ones.
This is when and how a genius discovers breakthrough and unravels mysteries. This is when great and mischievous escapades are conceived – in the fit and chills. Edison, for instance, would thereafter head for his lab and continue his experiment with fervor and guided alacrity. King Solomon would grab his pen and write his love songs. Napoleon would gain new courage and develop better war strategies.
That’s it: sensual energy well transmuted. A positively sensual female partner knows how to turn on or off this phallic energy of her man. She knows, at these moments, how to sow a virile seed of laudable deeds, or a wicked seed of heinous deed.
A woman also experiences a similar situation except the duration. Each partner could help harness his/her mate’s energy based on mutual agreement.
It’s obvious lots of constructive sensual energy fritter away in bedrooms everyday; lots of ingenuity go untapped in selfish, rapacious orgies of sex all over the world.
You might want to stop wasting your youthful energy now.The older you get, the less of it you can use.

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Sensuality Human and Divine

What about Sensuality?
Sensuality has different meanings to different people.
Our definitions depend on where we’re coming from – psychology, religion, spirituality, philosophy, and so on.

Essentially, sensuality is our ability to accept and manifest the passions or pleasures suggested by our senses: hearing, seeing, feeling,smelling, and tasting.Your response could be positive or otherwise.

You wouldn’t want to be wikipeding this, would you?
All you get there is a boring thesis on the psychology of the senses. But boiled down to its essence, you
understand sensuality to mean pleasures from those feelings, and those feelings mostly climax in sexualor parasexual gratifications.

The Sensual You
Man,as Sigmund Freud’s psycho-sexual analysis puts it, is basically motivated by pleasure,sexual pleasures,at every level of his development.
Although his carnal theory was unsung then. Maybe because the stage of human development at that time hadn’t risen to the current explosive stage of self-discovery and self-actualisation – of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

But now, Freud is as right as the pope, his sensual theory as relevant as the day.
Politics, commerce, entertainment, sports, religion, science and technology, are all after discovering and enjoying the best of man that appeals to man’s eyes, man’s ears, and man’s erotic feeling .

The likes of Joe Biden and other finicky American politicians undergo costly facial surgery to remove furrows. Rihana’s total face lift, and Michael Jackson’s ultra plastic surgery are few examples of crazy extents people have gone to enhance their sensual selves. Everybody wants to appeal to everybody.

Sensuality,your Nature
The factors underlying the mad quest to appeal to or seduce others is our nature.
Man’s nature requires appreciation by others. The wickedest of men, Adolph Hitler, had this need, too.
His pretty cousin was his first victim who was forced to meet his sadist need.She was holed up in his apartment solely for sexual relations.
And so did many heroes and villains of the world ever un-folding drama. Napoleon Bonarparte, Alexander The Great, The Buddha, in his youth, and many others.

Here Sigmund shines again.
At the consummate level of this appreciate-me feelings is what he calls the genital stage. Maslow would call it love(sexual)need. And almost everybody has or craves the need – eunuch , popes monks, nuns and what have you.
You all have the senses that respond to those sexual (sensual )stimuli. Some would master theirs while others are just helpless. Remember Jesse Jackson and his secretary, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the past World Bank president and his co-worker?

It’s just human to swallow at the sight of flat abs of full-breasted, slim ladies like Angelina Jollie; to blush on seeing muscular frames that speak in deep voice like David Beckham’s. Its simply natural.

You see all brands of sex use and abuse in Hollywood, YOUTUBE, teevee and print. How about those primordial cultures in Africa and Asia where sexuality or sensuality is still very crude and non-techy ?
Call this hedonism. Deny it. Demonise it. But it’s real.
Everybody is its victim – positively or negatively.

Sensuality and Spirituality
Some ascetics – monks, fathers, nuns – try to prove the possibility of a sanctity without sensuality. But all their efforts are self-conceited means of atoning for their past warped sexuality. And on occasions, the old man still rares up his hard head in response to some stunning sight to behold.
Church history has it that Martin Luther, the founder of Protestantism, formerly a celibate in the Catholic Church, after being enlightened, married off all the nuns in a nunnery. The last one he took home.
Papal history also revealed how debauched some of the popes were in spite of their oath of celibacy.

Today, as we see it, spirituality – or nirvana – comes not only during concentration but also in the fit of transmuted orgasmic attraction or sex.
New Age, Pentecostalism, Taoism and others confirm this. Or how do we explain the repeated emphasis on virginity, and the crazy desire for virgins by the religious? What’s in a virgin – if not her spiritual aura of sexual innocence, and the awesome attraction of her raw erogenous zones? Her breasts, her temple (forehead), her neck, her backside – as that oversexed King Solomon describes her in even the Bible.

You’re Responsible
It’s crystal-clear now that you either shape up or ship out: transmute your sensuality or leave behind times,or let it ruin you.
Ignorance of this doesn’t even matter any longer if it makes or breaks you.You’ve got the whole wide world(web) heaving with good information on positive use of your sensual you.

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